‘As the blood flowed out of her veins onto the white bathroom tiles, the creatures wailed with an unearthlysound and bashed and pounded on the bathroom door until she was sure it would give way.’

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Katherine Anderson and Bruce Alexander in Anne & Richard

I am a writer and filmmaker with a love of the dark and confronting.

A female heart transplanted into a man. A suicide group who do not know the devil is in their midst. A teenage girl who wishes for another, perfect, family, and makes it come true. All of these characters and more can be found in my work.

Take a look at some of my short films; Anne & Richard, A Woman’s Heart, Honey, Sympathetic, Violent Hands, and a short documentary; Animal Tales.

My new feature work, Evangeline explores a world where clones are made as rich men’s play-things. Evangeline is a copy of Diana, a woman she has never met, but far from a perfect copy, she has the affliction which all clones suffer from, one which will kill her in only a few brief years. When she hears that Diana has turned up after a long absence, she escapes her master and sets out on a dangerous journey to find her original – the only one who can give her the cure.