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Anne & Richard


A Woman’s Heart

I am a writer, filmmaker and artist. In my work I explore the past and through it an imagined future.

I am drawn to the gaps and fractures in our everyday lives, and the ghosts that slip through those gaps.

I’m fascinated by contradictions and complexity.  I write and make work about outsiders, those who live on the edges of belonging, in-betweeners.

current work

I am currently researching and making work for my creative practice PhD about my Ngai Tahu ancestors, who lived and died in the far south of the South Island of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Here are two of the videos I have made in response to this research.

In 2018 I travelled to Riverton/Aparima with my video camera and a pair of Victorian boots. I intended to film myself walking on the land of my ancestors and perhaps through this to experience a ‘nudge’ from my past, the past that was lost to me through adoption.

Looking Forward, Walking Down

One year earlier, in early 2017, I filmed the five properties around Riverton/Aparima that my great-great-grandfather John Arnett (Ngai Tahu/Pakeha) left to his many children when he died in 1895. I used early maps marked ‘Maori Reserve’ and ‘Half-Caste Claim’ to help me find where those properties are today. I then recorded a song to tell more of the story of my unique ancestor.

John Arnett – Five Properties